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Speedometer Tester

Speedometer KCS-15 series, adalah semua model speedometer yang diproduksi secara presisi dan kuat, alat ini untuk membuktikan keakuratan speedometer dan odometer pada kendaraan bermotor, serta dilengkapi dengan sistem pengangkat pneumatik, yang memudahkan kendaraan keluar dari alat uji speedometer.

Speedometer KCS-15

Speedometer KCS-15

Alat uji speedometer ini adalah peralatan pendeteksi yang digunakan untuk mendeteksi kesalahan indikasi petunjuk pada speedometer kendaraan bermotor di bawah kondisi mengemudi, dan peralatan ini banyak digunakan Dinas Perhubungan khususnya bidang darat dan perusahaan Industri automotive serta perbengkelan.

Free Roller

Features Manual :

  1. Strictly follow GB/T13563 production, inspection and judgment standards comply with GB7258, double safety insurance mechanism to prevent lifting misoperation and ensure test safety;
  2. Equipped with an overall bent plate welding structure, the appearance is simple and beautiful, easy to install, and the roller adopts special knurling surface treatment process;
  3. Equipped with a special photoelectric code to measure the speed, with high resolution and accurate measurement data;
  4. The drum adopts aviation dynamic balancing technology, allowing high-speed operation, accurate and reliable;
  5. The drum adopts aviation dynamic balancing technology, which allows high-speed operation, accurate and reliable speed measurement range, and the speed of the test point is controlled by a wireless remote control;
  6. The standard RS-232 serial communication interface is convenient for networking;
  7. High adhesion coating paint for longer working life;
  8. High precision sensor and high roundness of roller ensure the exactitude of result;
  9. Air-lifter and roller brake system easies the exit of vehicles;
  10. 0-130km/h measurement range, wireless remote controller;

Accessories Option:

  1. 1 pcs Computerize
  2. 1 pcs Software
  3. 1 pcs Communication desk
  4. 1 set Free Roller
  • Standard: GB/T13563, GB7258.
  • Pendukung: LED panel display, Software (option)
  • Free Roller (option)
Speedometer-1 Speedometer-2 Speedometer-3

Spesification :

  1. Maximum Axle Load:
    1. KCS-3: 3000kg
    2. KCS-10: 10000kg
    3. KCS-15: 15000kg
  2. Measurment Range: 0 – 130 km/h
  3. Roller Dimensions: Ø 190 x 1100mm
  4. Roller Tread:
    1. KCS-3: 308mm
    2. KCS-10/15: 405mm
  5. Roller Width:
    1. KCS-3: 850-2400 mm
    2. KCS-10/15: 750-2950 mm
  6. Interface: RS232
  7. Air Supply: 0.7/0.8 MPa
  8. Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz, ground